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Review for Duty Demands
Yet Another Book To Love

I always love seeing your name in the tabs of FF sites with a new piece. This book was no different-I kept going back to read over the scenes again and again. You are so wonderful at creating the vision of a story. Please keep up the wonderful work! I will never stop enjoying your stories! Thank you so much for sharing them!

Review for Love's Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet
Wonderful, Well-Written, and Witty

This book is one I have now read twice. It was that well done. I love to see the interaction between Lydia and Fret, to see Lydia slowly grow up and make something of herself but yet not lose herself, and to watch the two fall in love. It is a beautifully written story. This author has yet to disappoint me.

Review for Duty Demands
A very enjoyable story

I read the earlier release, undoubtedly more than once, to my great enjoyment. It’s a different variation from the common. Thanks for the pleasure.

Review for Duty Demands

It is no easy task to take Jane Austen’s superb characters and twist the plot so completely without detracting from the characters themselves. Impressively, Elaine Owen has managed to do this and create a story that is uniquely her own, yet one feels as though Jane Austen might very well approve of it. The dialogue and language are well crafted, there are no gaping holes in the plot that have been poorly plugged with cliche’ explanations, and the whole story reads as a seamless ‘what if’ to the original Pride & Prejudice. Duty Demands is beautifully done and I will be looking for more from this author.

Review for One False Step
Praise for One False Step

I recently discovered Austen-esque authors and this story is definitely one of my favourites. I couldn’t put it down!

I have read a lot of P&P fan fiction, and this story was in the top 90% of the versions I have read. It is well written and not so far fetched. The angst is not severe or dragged out, just enough to make it interesting. I recommend this book to JAFF lovers!

Jane Austen would be proud! This was a wonderful Pride and Prejudice variation… Ms Owen has written a terrific book

Review for The Taming of Lydia Bennet
Praise for The Taming of Lydia Bennet

Outstanding book and I highly recommend it. This Lydia never fails to make you smile and even laugh.

This is the only (eventually) positive portrayal I have ever read of Lydia, and I find that I loved it! Extraordinary job!

Lydia Bennet Fret is a hoot in this often hilarious writings of her and her husband. I love Jonathon Fret, who has to be the most patient man on the planet, and his strategic campaigns for making peace. For me, this was laugh-out-loud funny throughout most of the book. And there were a few tears as well.

Although I read this through the Kindle Unlimited program, I liked it enough to purchase a copy for my library.Extremely well done, Ms. Owen. I look forward to all of your future writings.

Review for Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit
Praise for Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit

One of my new favorite stories. I’m happy to see that Elaine Owen has other books in following with this one and I am looking forward to reading those.

Interesting story, well thought out, with wonderful descriptions, the writing was just brilliant. I just couldn’t get over the excellent writing. So much detail to this story, besides. Really seemed to have a feel for Jane Austen’s style, too. Please write another, Elaine!!

This was a lovely variation on Elizabeth and Darcy’s romance as it mostly takes place at Pemberley. Darcy courts Elizabeth with such sweetness that it is quite delightful. It’s a sweet story, one that leaves a smile on the reader’s face when the last page is turned….

Review for Duty Demands
Praise for Duty Demands

This story was well developed, clever, and well written, I didn’t want to put it down. Elaine Owen is an artist with the written word.

I have read all of Elaine Owen books and this one is by far the best. I can’t wait for her next P&P variation work!

This Darcy -Elizabeth book will have you turning pages
as fast as you can read. The author should be very proud of her work.
It is a work worth praise.

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