A Little Break

It’s been longer than I like since my last blog post, but there’s a perfectly good reason: vacation! My family and I went to the Bahamas over spring break, and getting ready for that trip, plus recovering afterwards, took up more time than I would have liked. I’ll try to make up for it by posting some fabulous pictures of some truly remarkable places.

Jane Austen knew all about vacations. For five years she lived in the city of Bath, a resort town where people came to “take the waters,” attend concerts, shop, and just generally relax. Two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, are set in Bath. And of course a pivotal moment in Pride and Prejudice comes when Elizabeth tours Pemberley as a visitor and meets Darcy unexpectedly. So Jane was certainly familiar with the concept of traveling and sightseeing for pleasure.

Our family’s travels took us from Baltimore, Maryland, where we boarded our cruise ship, to our first port of call in Port Canaveral, Florida.

This is the four of us in Florida: my daughter, son, myself and my husband. (The turtle guy is not actually a family member. 🙂 ) You can’t tell it here, but my husband was not feeling well and ended up being sick for most of the trip. Hmm, perhaps we should have gone to Bath ourselves!

From Florida we traveled to Nassau, where we ran into a pirate!


Pirates were not common in the city of Bath in Jane’s day :-), but I think she probably would have approved of this guy. The town of Nassau is a wonderful place to spend a day shopping, visiting a museum or two, or hanging out on the beach.

Jane would definitely have enjoyed the tour we went on to see the homes of the rich and famous in Nassau. The home below belongs to Chuck Norris.

This home used to belong to Mary Kay:

She must have sold a LOT of makeup! It’s a shame that everything pink is gone from this home now.

Our last stop was Coco Cay, where we spent some time “taking the waters” in our own way:

If you’re thinking that looks like heaven on earth, you’re right! It was.

Jane would definitely have loved the whole concept of a vacation at sea. Two of her brothers were in the navy, and one of her best heroes, Captain Frederick Wentworth, wins his fortune and establishes his character while on the ocean. But could Jane have ever imagined a ship like this?

Probably not!

After two more days at sea we returned to Baltimore, our heads and hearts full of good memories. Perhaps one day we’ll get to take this trip again. Until then, most of my traveling will be with Jane, lost in a good Austen tale!